Crime Log: Man Threatens to Kill 5-Year-Old for Urinating on Lawn; Purse Snatched at Lake Elizabeth

Brief updates on crimes that occurred in Fremont from Aug. 27 to Aug. 30.

The following is a summary of significant crime and incidents reported in Fremont between Aug. 27 and Aug. 30 as released by the .  


Man Battered at Gas Station

A man was battered at the Union 76 Station on Ardenwood Boulevard, police said. Officers arrived at the scene at 10 a.m. where they learned a 56-year-old man had hit another man. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of battery.

Dropped 9-1-1 Call Yields Warrant Arrest

A woman was arrested after authorities received a 9-1-1 call that was dropped. Officers responded to the home the call came from to check on the residents. A man and woman were at the home and neither said they required assistance. After a check, officers learned that one of the occupants, a 47-year-old Fremont woman, had outstanding warrants and was arrested.

Elderly Woman Passes Away at Victoria Garden Apartments

An 80-year-old woman was found dead at the Victoria Garden Apartments after management notified police of a “negative” odor from the woman’s residence, police said. The woman had been deceased for “a while.”

Man Arrested for Carrying Burglary Tools

A 51-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possessing multiple burglary tools.


Multiple gunshots were fired at a Fremont home early Tuesday morning in what the homeowner says was a random act, according to police. The shooting occurred at about 12:20 a.m. on the 43000 block of Columbia Avenue. Officers recovered three rounds at the scene. The house was not penetrated and no injuries were reported. One bullet was lodged into the side of the home but didn’t break through the wall, police said.

A pair of burglars cut and removed a glass panel from the front door of a local restaurant, headed directly to the office and made out with $10,000 cash — all within six minutes, according to police. Fremont Police received a call at 3:07 a.m. early this morning from the owner of Hong Kong Chef, a restaurant located at 46356 Warm Springs Blvd. The owner was watching a surveillance feed of the burglary from his home. However, the feed had a 20-minute delay and the burglars had been long gone by the time officers arrived, police said. The actual burglary occurred at 2:46 a.m. The two suspects were gone by 2:52 a.m., leaving the scene in a dark sedan.

Officers responded to the Tri-City Health Center on the 39500 block of Liberty Street around 4:40 p.m. to a report of a sexual battery. Authorities said the man grabbed the 16-year-old girl by her hips, exposed himself then fled in a vehicle. The suspect and victim did not know each other.

Woman Put On Psychiatric Hold

Officers were sent to check on a 25-year-old woman who the reporting party said hadn’t been eating or drinking. The woman becomes violent, is placed on an ambulance gurney and taken to the hospital.

Stolen Car Set on Fire

A car stolen out of Palo Alto was set on fire in the area of Northland Terrace and Tupelo Street. Fire crews extinguished the flames and determined it to be an act of arson

Man Threatens to Kill 5-Year-Old for Urinating on Lawn

A man in his 60s was arrested after making criminal threats to a 5-year-old. Police said the man was upset about a neighbor’s 5-year-old son urinating on the lawn and threatened to kill the family, including the boy. He was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats


At approximately 3:57 a.m., two suspects wearing dark hoodies entered the Arco Gas Station-AM/PM at 5012 Stevenson Blvd, punched the clerk and stole several packs of cigarettes. The victim sustained minor facial injuries, but did not require medical attention. The suspects were described as: a Hispanic male adult 28-30 years old, 5’ 7", 190 lbs, wearing a dark hoodie and black pants; and a black male adult, 24-25 years old, 5’ 9”, 170 lbs, wearing a grey hoodie and blue pants.

A 37-year-old Newark man was stabbed outside of Los Dos Amigos Billiards on the 41000 block of Fremont Blvd. just before midnight after refusing to buy another patron a beer, police said. Read the full story .

Inquisitive Resident Gets Arrested For Carrying Firearm, Drugs

Officers were conducting a probation search at Lake Oneida Street when a resident approached officers. Police said the resident had a disassembled .32 revolver, meth and a pipe in his backpack. He was arrested on multiple charges.


A dog was shot after a man faked a report of a home burglary. Officers responded to Trout Court in the Mission San Jose district at approximately 2:15 p.m. When police approached the home, three pitbulls “forced open the gate and charged the officers.” Police said the officers retreated but an officer “fired two shots to protect himself and others in the area” and two dogs fled the area, while one went into the backyard. . 

Man Arrested After Resisting Arrest

A man was arrested after trying to discard a drug pipe at Hirsch Elementary School. An officer attempted to stop the man, but he tried to throw away a glass pipe and resisted arrest, police said. The officer requested backup, pinned the suspect and arrested him. The suspect sustained minor scrapes to his head. 

Purse Snatched at Lake Elizabeth

A woman’s purse was snatched at Lake Elizabeth. Police said the suspect grabbed the purse and then ran to a waiting vehicle.


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