City Releases Tool for Residents to Rid of Junk Mail

The program aims to assist residents in reducing their "environmental footprint," according to city officials.

From the City of Fremont

The City of Fremont continues to strengthen its leadership as a distinctive Silicon Valley city by introducing a free service that will allow Fremont residents the ability to opt out of unwanted catalogs, advertising mail pieces, and phone books.

The free online service, powered by Catalog Choice, gives Fremont residents and businesses a convenient way to prevent waste by opting out of telephone directories, catalogs, credit card and insurance offers, coupons, and other solicitations by visiting: www.Fremont.gov/NoJunkMail

"The City of Fremont has many programs that foster waste reduction and recycling," said City Manager Fred Diaz. "This service gives residents another tool for reducing their environmental footprint at home and at work."

Here's how it works: Residents go to the community portal and sign up for the Catalog Choice service. Once registered, residents identify the individual catalogs and solicitations they no longer wish to receive.

Catalog Choice delivers the opt-out request and tracks the company's confirmation for the user. Fremont residents can track the environmental benefits of their opt-outs measured in trees, greenhouse gas, solid waste and water saved.

Fremont's participation will increase awareness about the choices consumers have to control their mail. The City's efforts to reduce the negative impacts of climate changing greenhouse gases, now includes an easy tool for managing unwanted mail and phone books.

Consistent with the Fremont Climate Action Plan, Catalog Choice provides a service that eliminates waste at its source by reducing the amount of catalogs and other unsolicited mail residents receive. Reducing the production and disposal of unwanted waste reduces upstream energy, insensitive production processes, and keeps waste out of the landfill.

Catalog Choice is an easy step for the Fremont community to take to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

For more information about the City's recycling services, go towww.Fremont.gov/Environment.

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