Tell Us: What Makes a Good Neighbor?

National Good Neighbor Day is today, Sept. 28. Share your stories about the neighbors who make your town a great place to live.

A good neighbor comes in many forms.

It may be someone who keeps an eye on your kids when they’re playing outside or someone who pet sits for you when your family is on vacation. Some even go above and beyond to make your community a great place to live by picking up trash in neighborhood parks or volunteering to start youth programs at the local library.

Celebrate the people who make your community thrive by honoring them on National Good Neighbor Day today.

We see it in communities throughout our region.

In the Tri-Cities area, 11 people were honored last week at the 2nd Annual Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Leadership awards ceremony. 

In Newark, seven people are now helping police watch over neighborhoods as part of a new citizen patrol program.

In San Leandro last week, residents in the Broadmoor neighborhood saved an escaped parrot from the clutches of a cat.

Earlier this month in San Ramon, volunteers from Special Spaces did a bedroom makeover for a 10-year-old cancer survivor.

In the Tri-Valley, Patch readers last week helped two dogs find new homes.

At Castro Valley High School, students have started a program to recycle the food scraps from their cafeteria lunches.

The concept of National Good Neighbor Day began in the early 1970s when Montana resident Becky Mattson pushed to create a holiday that would recognize people who make their neighborhoods a great place to live.

The annual event became a National Holiday in 2003 when Sen. Max Baucus sponsored resolution naming Sept. 28 National Good Neighbor Day.

Are there people in your community who exemplify being a good neighbor? Today is a good time to tell them that you—and the entire neighborhood—appreciate all they do.

TELL US: Who are the great neighbors in your town? Who makes your town a great place to live? Honor them by sharing your story in the comments section below.

James Nelson September 29, 2012 at 05:09 AM
Californicated1, How about a Sword Fight? lol. I get what you are saying, but what most fail to realize is that even though our Properties may consist of a Front Yard, they are in Public View which means that if I wanted to I could snap unlimited Pictures or Video of you and vice versa. This isn't my Intention, however. But if I wanted to do it, I would. The only time Privacy comes into play is when you are inside your Home. I didn't write the Law, I just follow it, sometimes. lol. I've dealt with your kind often in my Life and will be the first one to admit that I don't always play by the Rules and things often go South as I can't refrain from the urge to Verbally Antagonize people like you. Still, if you are bothered by me and what I do you better have clear proof of my Wrongs toward you because in a Court of Law what you THINK I did and what I actually did DO are two very different things. There's a reason why Cops don't care what you do behind your own Door, but do take note that your front yard is fair game.
Californicated1 September 29, 2012 at 07:24 AM
Sure, taking pictures of me in my front yard is "fair game" because I am in the public view--keep in mind that "public view" here means that there is no obstructions in the way like a fence, where one would have to breach that in order to see me in my front yard. However, that very activity against your neighbors may sow discord between you and them to the point that they will want to know why you are doing that in the first place and that they may bring in Law Enforcement to find out why and assess whether or not your activity may be harmful or even detrimental to your neighbors. In any neighborhood, every neighbor has to work to keep the peace and when you have one neighbor out there acting a little out of the ordinary by surveilling everybody even in their own front yards, that is going to arouse suspicion and even some animosity as why they are conducting such surveillance. You may be better off ceasing those activities to keep the peace and not draw so much unwanted attention and even ill-will upon yourself. Besides, the more reports Law Enforcement has on your activities, they could wind up as evidence against you in a Court of Law as each of your neighbors brings a nuisance suit against you and forces you to sacrifice time and even money to come over to court to answer for each complaint. And if your neighbors were really angry, each one would file a suit and do so on successive weeks to make your life interesting in Court. Just a thought.
James Nelson September 29, 2012 at 08:21 AM
You offer many Valid Points Californicated! I like to think of myself as Unique, others would probably call me Eclectic in Nature. I grew up in a Neighborhood where people didn't Question the stuff I did, if I wanted to Light off Bombs until the Cows came home, I could. Nobody ever called the Cops either which was sort of like a Written Rule. Everyone who lived in that Neighborhood had Skeletons in the Closet, and were Intimidated by rocking the Boat. One house grew Pot Plants, Another Sold Meth, one housed known Gang Bangers, they'd sometimes get Physical with the other Gang Bangers who lived directly across the Street. That was interesting, especially when the entire Police Force showed up. There were Normal People who lived there, just trying to raise a Family but even they had Secrets. Wife Beaters, Child Abusers, Alcoholics, etc. You could do anything in that Neighborhood except Urinate in Public, Wheel your Furniture out into the Middle of the Street and Lay back watching TV thanks to the Car Battery which was borrowed from someones vehicle down the street. Nobody gave a damn about anything and you had free reign to be as much of a clown as you wanted. Sometimes I miss that old Street, Well with exception to the Occasional Stabbing or Drug Overdose. Watching the Fire Department Hose down the pavement got old after awhile. If only I could find a Street that was half as Interesting.
BIGRAY September 29, 2012 at 06:07 PM
What's ah good NEIGHBOR is when they mind there own BUSINESS
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