YMCA of the East Bay's Healthy Kids Day Expend Enough Energy To Power a Home for 3.5 Days

YMCA of the East Bay Healthy Kids Day 2013 Sees 58% Increase in Participation from Last Year: East Bay’s Healthy Kids expend enough energy to power a home for 3.5 days East Bay Area, CA, May 16, 2013 – Staff of the YMCA of the East Bay reviewed results from the April 27th Healthy Kids Day activities and have announced that this year’s festivities drew 58 percent more participants than last year—collectively generating enough energy through push ups, jumping jacks and other exercises, to power an East Bay home for more than 3.5 days. Last year, participants in the day-long program generated enough energy to power the average East Bay home for just over two days. “I’m delighted with the response throughout the East Bay Y facilities to this year’s event. Thanks to the efforts of all our participants from young kids to parents and entire families, we improved dramatically on last year’s numbers, had a healthy, fun family time and gave our kids a lesson in maintaining good health in the process,” said Robert Wilkins, President & CEO of the YMCA of the East Bay. More than 850 Y members and community participants celebrated Healthy Kids Day® on April 27 by participating in the ‘Move-A-Thon’ program, as well as 5K runs, family classes and triathlons in Oakland, Fremont, Richmond and San Leandro. The Move-A-Thon program encourages children and families to participate in circuit exercise stations and record the number of repetitions of the exercises they complete within one minute. According to Mr. Wilkins, the idea behind the Move-A-Thon is to teach kids basic exercises, the kind they can perform at home without the need for expensive electronic equipment. At the end of the summer, the Y plans to look at the progress of participants to track improvement, as well as total energy expended in the program. The Y is also providing a ‘Keep It Movin’ website from which participants can access encouraging messages from the Healthy Home Guidebook; links to other recommended sites; a chalkboard/blogspot for participants to announce progress and achievements and much more. *Photos available upon request. ### About the East Bay Y System: The YMCA of the East Bay is one of Northern California's largest non-profit trainers and deployers of volunteers. Last year the East Bay YMCA trained more than 500 volunteers in programs ranging from childcare to teen enrichment, health and wellness and cultural harmony. With nine branches and almost 50 childcare centers in operation from Fremont to the Yolo County, the East Bay YMCA Association also has the largest geographic reach of any YMCA operation in North America. Formed as a 501 (c) (3) corporation on July 20, 1879, the not-for-profit East Bay YMCA operates branches in downtown Oakland, Fremont, Newark, Hayward, Castro Valley, Richmond, and Dublin, as well as camps in Livermore, Pescadero (San Mateo County) and Redway (Humboldt County). All locations are for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.


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