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Whiz Kid of The Week: Andrea Schlitt

Andrea Schlitt
Andrea Schlitt
Andrea Schlitt, Age 14
Schools: Eighth Grader at Kennedy Middle School and Young Genius Speech and Debate Academy in Los Gatos, Saratoga, and Fremont


·      Octofinalist in Lincoln Douglas at The Harker School Speech and Debate Tournament, December 2013

·      Double-Octofinalist in Lincoln Douglas at the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Overland Park, Kansas, June 2014

·      Part of the Young Genius Speech and Debate team

·      1st place winner, Junior Romantic category in United States Open Music Competition, February 2011

·      2nd place winner, Senior Impressionist category in United States Open Music Competition, February 2014

·      3rd place winner, Intermediate Baroque category in United States Open Music Competition, February 2011

·      4th place winner, Open Solo-5C category in United States Open Music Competition, February 2012

·      Finalist and Honorable Mention award in Advanced Division at Bay Area Music Legacy Open Competition, January 2014

·      2nd place winner in Law Week Essay Writing Contest, May 2014

·      Straight A Student throughout Middle School

·      Outstanding Scholar Award in Eighth Grade

·      Eighth Grade Student Award

Key to Awesomeness: Andrea started doing Lincoln Douglas debate a year ago with a desire to improve her speaking skills. After joining Young Genius, she has improved significantly. She recently attended the national speech and debate tournament in Kansas and was recognized as a Double-Octofinalist in Lincoln Douglas debate.

“Andrea has a great work ethic and always maintains a positive mental attitude.  She has been a key member of our debate team and we are looking forward to seeing her continue to succeed.”, Mr. Heinsohn, coach at Young Genius Speech and Debate Academy, said.

 Andrea has been playing piano for 8 years and enjoys it immensely. Her passion for music started early with annual visits to the San Francisco Symphony. She has participated in national competitions for the past 4 years and has done very well. She has also been a part of several charity concerts. After watching Lang Lang perform Liebestraume No. 3 by Franz Liszt in Carnegie Hall, it has become Andrea’s dream to perform there one day.

Andrea also enjoys writing. She recently won 2nd place in the Law Week Writing Contest presented by the Santa Clara County Superior Court. She gets her inspiration from reading and she enjoys visiting old bookstores to expand her range of interests. 

Andrea loves to draw and has recently discovered the realm of digital art. In her free time she swims and goes hiking with her family.

 With hard work, passion, dedication, and a smile on her face, Andrea is destined to accomplish great things in life.


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