No-Cost Service to Save Energy and Water in Fremont

Non-Profit organization Rising Sun Energy Center is providing residents with No-Cost energy and water assessments and upgrades in Fremont this summer!

The "Green House Calls" are available to both renters and homeowners until August 7th, so contact us soon to receive this absolutely no-cost service to help save you money, energy, and water. 

The service include: 
  • Energy and water efficiency assessment
  • Toilet leak detection test
  • Incandescent lights changed out for energy efficient lighting (CFL & LED)
  • E-waste pick-up and disposal
  • Water-efficient shower heads and faucet aerators
  • A gift from us: either a power strip, clothesline or LED night light.
  • The Energy Specialist will also go over energy and water savings tips, and other programs the resident may qualify for. 
To schedule a Green House Call today, please call 510-372-7850.


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